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You’ve landed in paradise, Ibiza. A place that not only hosts parties and events but is home to some of the world’s best beaches. We’ve all watched movies such where their epic end of trips are located on this beautiful island in the archipelago of Spain. Beach time is key to the success and enjoyment of the trip. Aside from partying, eating and drinking, down time is based on the beautiful shores.
It’s likely that you will head straight to the beach from your plane, hotel or room, it’s a no brainer. The white sand is calling and those fresh crystal mediteranean waves are enticing you into their arms. What could go wrong? Potential problems or the unknown regarding the beach and safety can be ignored in all the fun. So here is a guide to a successful beach day in Ibiza.


Where are the beaches?

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterannean located in the Archipelago of Spain. The longest distance to be covered by road is only a mere 40km! Meaning no matter where you are, there will be a beach within at half-hour reach at the longest.

There are more than 80 incredible beaches that hug the coastline of Ibiza. You’ll be spoilt for choice and technically will be able to test 1 beach a day for almost 3 months!

Best beaches in Ibizia

Beaches in Ibiza come in all shapes and sizes. There are different recommendations depending on how you would like to spend the day!
For an amazing day relaxing on the sand visit Cala Carbó. The pristine and private white sand beach is idyllic for lazing out beneath the sun. Feel free to lounge on one of the many sunbeds while reading a good book.
For family time check out Cala Llonga, the soft white sand is bordered by clear shallow water. Perfect for swimming with little tots.

For the best snorkelling in Ibiza it’s recommended to go to Cala Xarraca. Here you can discover the hidden gems of the sea through your own eyes! It’s easy to spend hours at a time in the water.

For insane views head to Cala D’Hort. A place that will truly sing to your eyes and camera! Check also our article about best beaches in Ibiza


Safety for spending a day at a beach in Ibiza:

There are many common beach protocols to adhere to similar to any beach in the world. However, sometimes when we are on holiday we can be easy to forget simple things!

Sun Shades/Parasols

Many beaches in Ibiza have sun shades and parasols to rent/use for your day at the beach.

However there can be times where these are fully booked or not available in peak/off peak times. Especially if you are fair skinned it is vital to bring one of your own. There are many little beach shops within town centres or near the beach where you can purchase one or rent for the


It is easy to spend your days lounging out by the water and baking under the rays of the sun. Especially after lots of food and drink! It is 100% necessary to purchase a high SPF sunscreen to accompany you to the beach. Apply 15 minutes before swimming and after coming out of the water. Otherwise a good top up every 30-45 minutes is perfect! Try purchasing a sunscreen that is at least 30+ SPF.

You can find sunscreen at any local convenience store in Ibiza. If you feel more comfortable using a specific type of sunscreen take it with you in your suitcase! If you were to get a burn it is best to apply 90-100% aloe vera cream to the affected areas. This will help the severity of the burn to subdue, this can once again be purchased from any ocal convenience store or supermarket.


Do not take large amounts of money to the beach with you. Only take what you will be needing for the day and leave the rest in your room or car. As with any country there is possibility of theft and pickpocketing while you are unattended from your belongings.

The best idea is to keep a good eye on your things and perhaps invest in a money belt or even a waterproof pouch that you can put your belongings in.

Be sure to bring some extra euros for drinks, food and extras! Most beaches have facilities such as restaurants, shops and cafes. This is perfect for when you become peckish or fancy a drink to accompany you and the sun!

Beach Signs

As with most beaches in the world you’ll find various beach signs speckled around to indicate different warnings or suggestions. It is important to follow the signs and only access signed areas.
As any place in the world it is important to treat the environment with respect. Ibiza is a world heritage sight, let’s not destroy it!

Food and Water at beaches Ibiza

With access to many different shops, restaurants and beach bars you’ll often have the chance to purchase iced drinks. Be aware of the extreme temperature shift in your body from extremely hot on the outside to cold on the inside. It is recommended that you try keep to body temperature drinks. Save the frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris for when you find some
Furthermore, it is always important to be wary of the alcohol content in drinks, it’s easy to consume a few to many and make your beach day go from safe to dangerous.
Tap water in Ibiza is usually safe, however it is still recommended that you stick to purchasing bottled water.
Make sure to keep snacking throughout the day to keep nutrient levels at bay. There are more than enough options in supermarkets and restaurants nearby most beaches.

Getting to and from the beach

For your next trip to Ibiza, it is recommended to use official forms of transport. This includes renting a car, using public transport, taxi services etc. Ensure that you don’t use suspicious services, eg an unsolicited taxi service, as they can be a scam. There are many beaches within walking distance of various hotels and apartments.

These are the most important tips and essentials to consider before embarking on your next beach holiday in Ibiza!
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