Best 5 Ibiza places to visit by boat

Ibiza by boat 

What are the best places to visit by boat? When you search for a unique perspective, and you want to be able to reach every corner of Ibiza – it’s good to hire a boat. There are lots of amazing locations to visit by water and there are plenty of opportunities to get there. In some cases, you don’t even need a licence, when it comes to boat rental in Ibiza. See for yourself one of the unique archipelagos in the whole world and experience its amazing and joyful culture.

1. Formentera and Espalmador – one paradise next to the other

There are two small islands worth exploring. Espalmador is the smallest inhabited island of the archipelago, called the last Mediterranean paradise. The second one, Formentera, is also breathtaking and full of amazing sights. They’re both a perfect choice for a boat day trip with all your family. If you decide to get to know them better, you can rent a boat from Ibiza harbour or San Antonio harbour. This way you’re able to see all of their beauty and find an ideal spot to spend your day. If you prefer a cruise, there are a wide range of boat trips. From Playa den Bossa you have an opportunity to buy a two islands cruise and from San Antonio you can get to three islands trip with a boat. There is no better place to relax than on an island surrounded by turquoise waters.

2. Cafe Mambo – iconic sunset from a boat

Rent a boat, go to Café Mambo and enjoy the full Mediterranean experience. Listen to the greatest sets served by world-famous DJs all day long. The place is owned by a local family, and they’re the key to its fame. It’s also said to be a home of the world’s most iconic sunset, and we recommend you to see it from a boat to get the best shots with your camera. Café Mambo is famous because of food full of regional spices and freshest ingredients, served with refreshing, tropical cocktails. There is no place like Café Mambo.

3. Es Vedra – magnetic island of Ibiza

Es Vedra is the most magical island of Ibiza. Full of colours, it’s a great source of inspiration both night and day. The rock of Es Vedrá is one of the strongest sources of magnetic forces in the world, similar to those of pyramids of Egypt. In from of Es Vedra, on Cala D´horts beach is an amazing restaurant named Es Boldado. In this local restaurant, you can eat a dinner with an amazing view of Es Vedra rock. The big advantage is the possibility of mooring the boat near the restaurant Renting a boat you can get very close to the rock and see every little stone full of energy of Es Vedra You can feel that unique mysterious atmosphere that the island is famous for. it’s certainly one of the most stunning and breathtaking places in the islands, loved by both locals and tourists.

4. Punta Galera – rocky bay with amazing views

Ibiza is truly blessed with its beautiful beaches. Among them, Punta Galera, not technically a beach, but a stone bay with stunning rock formations. It’s a really relaxed place where everyone is smiling when sunbathing on flat stone shelves. Beneath the rocks, the sparkling, azure sea invites you to cool off. In the waters, you can find snorkelers exploring the underground caves and all the riches of Punta Galeras waters. Of course, the sunsets are also spectacular! Hire a boat with a captain to relax or be your own boss by taking a small boat all for you. You don’t even need a licence to do so. It’s good to be able to pick the perfect warm rock to spend your day on and find an area with no people.

5. Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, Cala Tarida – three sands of the west coast

Take a guided cruise to one of the three most popular beaches of Ibiza. They’re popular because of their amazing sights and photo opportunities. It’s a paradise for everyone dreaming of a perfect holiday retreat. In San Antonio you can rent a small private boat without a license to visit all of them in just one day and not miss any secret they keep from most of us. Work on your golden tan on Cala Bassa, surrounded by Sabina trees. Then you can go to Cala Tarida and to Cala Conta to explore azure, shallow waters with a snorkelling kit. All three of these beaches are a great opportunity for a family day with lots of adventures. You can’t get bored laying on a soft, warm, pale golden sand!

Having the opportunity to rent a boat in Ibiza, you won’t miss anything from what the archipelago has to offer. It’s a great way to have fun and an amazing source of photographic opportunities. Boat hire in Ibiza is good idea for the whole family and group of friends to organize hen or stag party. The Ibizan boat rental politics is very open and clear to everyone, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Go on your lifetime adventure on Ibiza! Check our boat rental options.

Boat Charter

different locations
Full Day or Half Day Charter
4 / 8 hours
captain and fuel included in the price
11 + captain
Water activities (paddle boards and snorkel equipment)
  • private charter for group up to 10 people
  • captain and fuel are included in the price
  • full day charter (8 hours) with sunset option 
  • water activities (sup paddle board, snorkelling equipment)
  • kitchen fully equipped, toilet onboard and big nets in front of the boat 
  • good music – Bluetooth system  
  • different routes to choose from
From: 1,150
Exclusive Sailboat Charter (captain + fuel +drinks + tapas)
San Antonio port
all inclusive (open bar and tapas)
4 hours
captain and fuel included in the price
12 + captain
water activities (paddle boards and snorkel equipment)
  • private sailboat for only 12 passenger 
  • visiting Cala Bassa and Cala Conta
  • Spanish tapas bar (tortilla, olives, bread, cheese, fuet)
  • open bar with drinks (champagne, white wine, beer, soft drinks and water)
  • swim stop in one of the beach (snorkelling and paddle board)
  • toilet onboard
  • price includes: boat, fuel, captain, drinks, Spanish tapas and water activities
San Antonio port
All-inclusive (drinks)
2,5 hours
captain and fuel included in the price
12 + captain
Water activities (paddle boards and snorkel equipment)
  • private beach boat tour (Cala Bassa and Cala Conta)
  • private sunset boat tour (Cafe Mambo)
  • water activities (sup paddle boards and snorkelling equipment)
  • lots of fun and some adrenaline
  • drinks (beer, sangria, soft drinks and water)
  • good music
  • price includes boat, captain, fuel, drinks, and water activities
  • visiting caves, beaches, and coves
From: 660

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