Es Vedra Ibiza – magnetic island

Have you ever heard about the most mysterious islands of the Balearic archipelago that are located near Ibiza? Es Vedra island and her younger sister Es Vedranell attract crowds of tourists all year long because there are many legends about them. It is not without reason that the islands have gained such popularity…

One thing is sure, Es Vedra is a place, where extraordinary physical phenomena occur. One of such anomalies is the fact that the magnetic compass in this place is useless to us (like cell phones or electrical devices). According to the researchers, this is due to the high content of iron that is on the island and makes the magnetic needle stop working properly. It is the third place on Earth that emits such a strong magnetic field! Probably, being near the island you can feel a strange energy that will improve our well-being. I have been here many times and just looking at this beautiful island immediately improves the mood, and the lack of coverage in the phone allows for total relaxation 😉

ES VEDRA island is located southwest of Ibiza – 2.5 kilometers from the beautiful tiny beach CALA D’HORT, from which we can admire the island in all its glory. It counts 385 meters high and 60 hectares area. Next to it, the smaller island ES VEDRANELL is located and it measures 128 meters. Nowadays, it’s mainly inhabited by wild goats, blue lizards and very rare species of coral gulls. You can not enter it, but you can admire it from Ibiza, take a boat trip or go on a jet ski ride. In this article we will tell you about the best TOP SPOTS from which you can admire and photograph this magical island.


From Cala d’Hort beach

One of the spots where we can admire the Es Vedra rocky massif is Cala d’Hort beach. Watching the rock from the sea level makes it seem even bigger than it really is. Cala d’Hort is a small, charming beach that can be reached either by car or scooter from the San José town or from the Cala Vadella beach. The Es Vedra rock rises just a few hundred metres from the shore. The beach is covered with very fine sand on one side and more rocky one on the other one. On the left side, right next to the rocks, you will find a wonderful wooden bridge, perfect for taking beautiful photos with Es Vedra in the background. On the beach, there are restaurants, bars and you can also rent kayaks, stand up paddle boards and water bikes there. Check the location


From the cliffs

Another viewpoint, or more precisely many viewpoints are the cliffs. This is probably one of the most well-known spots to take photos with Es Vedra in the background. Both in Cala d’Hort and in Cala Carbo area there are cliffs where you can admire Es Vedra and its fabulous sunsets.

Arabian-style house with a beautiful chandelier

On one of the cliffs in Cala Carbo area there is an abandoned beautiful Arabian style house construction with a large hanging chandelier. It used to be a trip destination of the island inhabitants who were going there with the intention of taking impressive photos with the chandelier and Es Vedra. However, due to such a large number of visitors, the house was fenced and now it is not so easy to get there anymore. On the fence, there is also a notice informing that the area is being monitored and that there are traps set around.  However, in front of the house there is a wide meadow on the cliff where you can take some wonderful photos. Other houses in the area were also built in the Arabian style with beautiful white domes, which gives this place an unusual atmosphere.  Check the location


From the defence tower

There are around 7 defence towers in Ibiza, and they are situated on rocks and cliffs all around the island. They were built with the aim of protecting the island from pirates and buccaneers attacks. The best known tower is the Torre des Savinar, also known as the Pirate Tower. It is the highest defence tower. It is located about 200 meters above sea level. The view from here is definitely worth your climbing. The rocky massifs Es Vedra  and Es Vedranell are located just in front of the tower, representing one of the most recognisable postcards from Ibiza. At the bottom of the cliff there is the Cala d’Hort beach and the famous Atlantis (Sa Pedrera)Check the location


From the hippie cave

Ibiza was brought to the world’s attention by hippies in the 1960s and 1970s. The flower children got in love with the island and many of them settled here permanently. This is why we have so many hippie markets, the Flower Power party in Pacha and Sunday hippie sunsets in Benirras. There are plenty of hippie spots in Ibiza. One of them is a cave located near the Pirate Tower. The cave is not very big, but it’s got a beautiful view of the Es Vedra rock massif. Check the location.


From the deck

Admiring the Es Vedra massif from the coast is one thing, but approaching the rock is a completely different story. Unfortunately, it is not possible to climb it because it is in a strict nature reserve, but at least we can touch it. On a three islands boat tour from San Antonio you will have the opportunity to observe the rocky massif from a very close distance. The boat’s captain will approach the island so close that passengers will be able to touch its vertical walls. This is a very pleasurable experience. Many people believe that Es Vedra has a magical power and this is the way they can sense its positive vibes.

On the jet skis

Another interesting idea to visit Es Vedra is a jet ski trip. This is an original way to explore the shores of the island and to get closer to the rocky massif. During such an expedition you will be accompanied by a guard, who will go on a motorboat or on their jet ski. This is something for fast driving and adrenaline lovers. Two people can fit on one water scooter.


Es Vedra Sunset

Oh, yes! This is something that is definitely worthy of your attention and a top holiday photo from Ibiza. Es Vedra is located on the west coast of Ibiza and therefore some fabulous sunsets take place over here. In fact, from all the above mentioned spots, whether from the beach, cliffs or from the pirate tower, you will have a chance to admire the Es Vedra sunset. However, during the cruise to the three islands you will not only have the chance to observe the Es Vedra sunset but also to have dinner on board. Take our word for it that the photos taken during the golden hour with Es Vedra are outstanding.

es vedra sunset ibiza

Restaurants overlooking Es Vedra

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have lunch or dinner, or maybe a coffee or a drink with the Es Vedra view? It would definitely be ! And in Ibiza it is possible. Because everything here is designed to cultivate beautiful moments in life. Our number one is definitely the Es Boldado restaurant. It’s located on a rock ledge, close to the Cala d’Hort beach. In order to get here, we need to turn into an unpaved road and go through the pine forest. Going this road for the first time, you will surely wonder if you didn’t get it wrong. You can also get here by sea on a rented boat. There is also a place by the restaurant to moor the boat. On the above mentioned Cala d’Hort beach, there are also two other restaurants. The El Carmen restaurant with a gorgeous central view of Es Vedra, as well as Es Boldado specialises in typical for Ibiza cuisine. You will enjoy here some delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes. It is run by a local family. Remember that those places are very busy, especially in summer. Make sure to book a table before.




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