An off-road trip on Ibiza

Ibiza Off-road

Off-road trips on quad biking are one of the most exciting and original way of sightseeing Ibiza. It gives you the opportunity to get off the widely popular tracks and get to know the most stunning natural boons of this amazing island closely. Thanks to the specification of the cross-country vehicles, each trip will surely be a thrilling experience for you. Particularly noteworthy are trips on quads and buggy cars tour. Trips with six-seater buggies are also noteworthy

quad adventure

On Ibiza you can find many charming spots and bumpy roads with sharp turns. These are the perfect conditions for the exciting two and half hour long quad or buggy car trip. During this time, the guides take tourists from the most magnificent areas of Ibiza, full of sandy beaches, small villages and off-road.

The trip starts from San Antonio or from Playa den Bossa, and it is a great opportunity to admire the daily life of the inhabitants of Ibiza. Following a short instruction, you will sit at the controls of vehicles, and then you will set out on a scenic route in the bosom of nature.

Stunning views

The itinerary of the quad biking and buggy car trips includes a ride through a valley offering the most wonderful landscapes all over Ibiza. This extremely picturesque route requires quite a steep ride, which takes place surrounded by ancient earthworks and irrigation systems. They were supplying spring water to the city during the Moorish reign. Further trip takes place on deserted roads and trails of the northwestern part of the island. In the idyllic villages, it is not difficult to find local churches and well-tended farmlands. On the way, you can also see working farmers who graze sheep and goats.

Mediterranean nature. Quad biking Ibiza

During the trip, tourists have the opportunity to visit the climatic villages, and then relax from the city’s hustle and bustle in the bosom of the wonderful Mediterranean nature, where the marvellous red fig trees flourish on the famous red soil. During the trip, you can also see unusual citrus orchards, olive groves and famous almond trees, as well as plant your own tree. Fixed point of off-road quad sand buggy cars’ expedition is a beach. There you will have time for rest and swim. You should also enjoy the magnificent view of the cliff of Es Vedra rocks, known as magnetic island.

Guided off-road tour around Ibiza

An off-road trip with perfectly equipped vehicles is an ideal way to get to know the areas of Ibiza from an unusual side. An experienced guide can take tourists to the island’s finest places, full of small bays and charming paths leading along the coastlines. Thanks to his presence, an off-road expedition around the island is more than a spectacular off-road vehicle trip. It is a great opportunity to learn about many facts about Ibiza, including its history or geography.

Time for swim, time for beer

The trip plan includes stops, so in your free time you can swim in the sea and relax. You can wash off the dust and later get dirty again, 🙂 Our guides will choose a place where you can buy a coffee or a beer. You will also have time to take some spectacular photos.

Off-Road Tours

On our site, you can rent a buggy and explore the island on your own, or take one of our Big Buggy tours.

There is a briefing before each trip. During the entire trip, you will be under the supervision of an experienced guide who will drive his own buggy.

Our routes run from Playa den Bossa through typical off-road areas where buggies and their drivers have the opportunity to prove themselves! There will be some descents, climbs and surprising elements that make this trip a real adventure! During the buggy trip, there are also places that are perfect for a short break and photos – we will stop at the cliffs and beaches. You will feel the wind in your hair and have fun.

If you’ve never tried, you finally have the opportunity! A buggy trip is a ready idea for a beautiful adventure in Ibiza for everyone!

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