In this article, we want to describe the products you can buy at hippie markets. Here you will find many interesting souvenirs from the island, as well as inspiration for gifts for your family and friends. Here you will find hand-made, unusual, and inspired by the fashion of flower children’s handbags, shoes, clothes, local alcohol, natural cosmetics, and many others.

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Hippie market - likiery ziołowe


Ibiza is overgrown with many aromatic herbs. You can easily find rosemary and thyme here, as well as lavender. These are the herbs that the herbal liqueur called “Hierbas de Ibiza” is made of, which means “Ibiza Herbs” in Spanish. The liqueur is being drunk after heavy meals since it helps with digestion. At the fair, you can try and buy original herbal liqueurs.

Hippie market - moda Adlib


The origins of Adlib fashion date back to the early 70s with the coming of the hippie movement. It is a combination of the hippie trend with traditional costumes from Ibiza. Clothes are made mainly of natural fabrics in which white has been on the leading edge. The collection contains beautiful, long, airy dresses, floral accessories, crocheted swimsuits and beautiful linen blouses. Every year, on the island quite an event called the Adlib fashion show takes place.

Hippie market - rękodzieło


We can find many original articles at the hippie market. Most of them are handmade, artistic items. We can also find here beautiful jewellery with motifs typical of the Hippy culture. Apart from jewellery, at the fair, we will find leather products, hand-embroidered clothes, shoes, bags and handbags and many other interesting products. Moreover, fans of interior decoration will find something for themselves. Beautifully scented candles, Moroccan lamps and colourful fabrics will decorate any interior.

Hippie market - sól morska


Sea salt contains around 60 minerals and is a rich source of electrolytes. Sea salt is produced by evaporating seawater in special tanks. It is worth buying a box of salt as a souvenir. It is saltier than rock salt. You can choose salt with the addition of Ibiza herbs. Such a mixture is a great addition to many dishes, especially fish. In the south of the Island, there is the Salinas National Park, where very good quality sea salt is obtained. During the trip around the island, it is possible to visit the park, there are many salt mountains and salt lakes with a red and white landscape.

Hippie market - naturalne kosmetyki


Natural cosmetics are the plentitude and goodness of the island captured in a small jar. At the hippie fair, you can buy cosmetics using the best ingredients that are offered by nature, such as wildflowers and aromatic herbs. Plants are picked by hand and combined into innovative and patented products to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Cosmetics based on aloe vera stand out in particular, as they have a soothing effect.


In our offer, we have guided bus tours. Find out more about hippy market tours here. Also noteworthy is a coach trip around the island with a stop and free time at one of the hippy markets.

W naszej ofercie mamy wycieczki autokarowe z przewodnikiem. Więcej informacji na temat wycieczek na hippy market znajdziesz tutaj. Na uwagę zasługuje również wycieczka autokarowa dookoła wyspy  z przystankiem i czasem wolnym na jednym z hippy marketów.

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