Ibiza Dalt Vila old town

Ibiza (in Catalan Eivissa) is one of the biggest and the most attractive cities on the island. Not only it attracts tourist with the sun and beautiful beaches, but also with the bars and night clubs known all over the world as well as restaurants, wonderful shops and colorful city life. Ibiza is definitely both entertainment center and a meeting spot of numerous cultures. It’s really worth seeing because the city never falls asleep.

Ibiza – a historic city with a cosmopolitan character

Conventilonally, Ibiza can be divided into three separate zones. The firs one is a historic centre surrounded by the walled citadel Dalt Vila and the area of the old fishing port located below the Portal de Ses Taules. What’s interesting, Dalt Vita, which was founded 2.500 years ago, is still inhabited. In the local museums we can see the remains from the different periods of the island’s history, including these left by the Arabs, Phoenicians, Carthaginians or Romans. Around the port there are bricked streets and charming houses painted white. On the summer days this area is flooded with tourists, while at nights you can buy some souvenires at the hippie market that begins at night hours.

The new part of the city has developed on the flat area that surrounds Dalt Vila hill. Vera de Ray promenade with the stunning houses dating back to the beginning of the previous century and the neighbouring Plaza del Parque deserve our particular attention. Between the Vera de Ray and the parallel Avenida Bartolomé street we will find many interesting shops. It is also worth visiting one of the restaurants to taste local tapas.

In the third – the old part of the city, there is Marina Botafoch which is considered as one of the most exclusive coasts on the Mediterranean Sea. Over the last dozen years, it has undergone incredible changes. Modern and colorful buildings, which give a peculiar character and prestige to Peseo Juan Carlos I, have been created here. It’s one of the favourite meeting spots for both residents and tourists. It’s full of restaurants and fantastic discos and night clubs where you can often meet some celebrities.

Ibiza Dalt Vila – a night stroll around the old town

A great idea for sightseeing Ibiza is a night stroll around the old town with the guide. During such a trip, we will visit the Ghotic cathedral and the castle as well as the medieval and renaissance defence walls. What is more, we will see exceptionally beautiful churches, residences and charming white, narrow streets. Undoubtedly, a night view of the port and marina districts will provide us with unforgettable memories. It is also worth mentioning, that Dalt Vila together with the 15th century walls have been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

An evening stroll around the Ibiza’s old town begins by collecting people from the hotel and taking them to the sheer top of the town. From here we go down through the long, white streets towards the castle and cathedral squares, antic stronghold and up to the port and marine district. Such kind of sightseeing let us feel the exceptional atmosphere of Spanish nights and allows us to get to know the nightlife of Ibiza. It’s also a perfect time for visiting hippie markets, having a drink or just admiring luxurious yachts moored in the port. At the end, all guests will be brought back to the hotel by coach.

This Mediterrenean city with such rich history has beecome cosmopolitan like most European capitals. That’s why Ibiza is a perfect place for both culture enthusiasts and tourists looking for rest or overnight entertainment. If need more information about a tour and prices check it here.

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