The best spots in Ibiza old town

If you think of going for Ibiza holidays, you absolutely need to add Dalt Vila to your “Ibiza must see” list.

The city of Dalt Vila in Ibiza, founded by the Phoenicians, was one of the most important seaside cities in the Mediterranean.  The wall surrounding the citadel dates back to the Renaissance and the whole city was inscribed on the UNESCO list.  However, in this post we will not focus on the history of Dalt Vila, but on its charm.  We introduce you to our DALT VILA IBIZA TOP SPOTS.

Crossing the city’s main gate, you’ll feel as though you were going back in time.  The cobbled, sinuous streets, squares and charming cafés will put you in a magical mood.  It’s a paradise for photographers.  You will find here an infinite number of magical corners where you can take some spectacular photos.  The garlands of colourful, Mediterranean flowers twining the thick renaissance walls add beautiful colourful touch to this place.  The best way to visit the citadel is on foot.  Dalt Vila is located on a hill therefore remember about taking some comfortable shoes with you.

The Main Gate

You can access the city of Dalt Vila from several sides. However, the main gate, named Portal de Ses Taules, is the most impressive option, and we suggest you choose this entrance. A wide cobbled ramp leads to the majestic door. In front of the entrance there is a wooden drawbridge suspended on thick chains. At the very bottom of the ramp we already have a chance to see the castle and part of the Ibiza Old Town. Check the location.

The cobbled court with arches

 After passing through the main gate you will find yourself in a beautiful cobbled court called Patio de Armas, which dates back to the late 16th century. A unique place with ten semicircular arches, which used to host the very first market on the island. You will certainly stop here to take some pictures. Every photographer will notice the beautiful play of lights as the sun rays refract on the arches and reflect on the large stone walls. It is also the musicians’ favourite spot as the sounds bounce from the thick walls creating an enjoyable acoustic experience. Check the location.


The squares with charming cafés

After walking through the cobblestone court, you will find yourself in a square called Plaça de Vila. This spot has a particular charm thanks to its enchanting restaurants, art galleries and handicraft shops. You will find here some beautiful white Adlib fashion dresses, souvenirs and an unusual Mediterranean atmosphere. Check the location. Another square which is worthy of your attention is Plaza del Sol, which overlooks the city of Ibiza and the fabulous sunset. Next to the Plaza del Sol there is a colorful cushion café. You will certainly want to stop here for an afternoon coffee or a cold Spanish mojito. Check the location. You will find a great number of charming squares in Dalt Vila, but the most important one is the Cathedral Square. You’ll need to climb a bit in order to get here. It’s the highest square with an amazing view over the harbor. Check the location.


The cobbled streets and alleys

 We’ve talked a lot about the squares, however the real charm of Dalt Vila can be found in its winding streets, full of alleys and recesses. As you stroll through the Ibiza Old Town, keep an eye on everything around you so that you don’t miss the beautiful, historic buildings. Most of them date back to the 17th and 19th century. It’s also worth paying attention to the colourful doors with old, renaissance knockers and handles. Because of the fact that the city is located on a hill, you’ll need to go through stairs, tunnels and ramps to get from one level to another. Those are just another charming places where you can take a photo and capture those few holiday moments. We should also remember that Dalt Vila is inhabited. Next to the hustle and bustle of tourists, there is a normal, daily life of its inhabitants going on. The laundry is getting dry on the balconies and from the higher levels of the city you can have a peep at what is happening on the terraces of the surrounding flats.

Dalt Vila’s sunsets

 What would Dalt Vila in Ibiza be without its fabulous sunsets? After all, every photographer knows that it is during the golden hour that the most beautiful pictures come out. As we have mentioned before, sunsets can be observed from the Plaza del Sol. It is also worth climbing one of the bastions. The best view you will get is from the Sant Jaume bastion. Check the location. You will find here a viewpoint with panoramic views of the city, the harbor and the whole coast. From this point, you can also see the neighboring Formentera Island and the party coast of Playa d’en Bossa. The quickest way to the top is by following the stone ramp which leads from the Square of the Sun up to the bastion.

Mediterranean vegetation

The renaissance architecture is covered with beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. You will literally find here the garlands of flowers hanging from balconies and terraces. The city’s multi-level structure means that the colorful flowers are above our heads, creating natural ceilings. On the streets you will find pink and white bougainvilleas, mandevillas and large shrubs with purple calyxes. There are also plenty of lemon and orange trees here. All the flora is perfectly blending in with the Ibiza’s Old Town, giving this place even more beauty.


The excursions to Dalt Vila

 You can go for a walk in Dalt Vila by yourself or take an organized tour. One thing is certain. If you’re coming on Ibiza holidays, you have to visit the old town. We offer an evening walk through the Ibiza Old Town with a guide who will tell you plenty of interesting stories and legends about this magical place. The advantage of the optional tour is that you will be picked up from the hotel and driven back. During the tour you will also have some free time in the harbor. You can find more information about the tour here.


The photographs 

As you can see, it is a perfect place for photo sessions and for creating beautiful holiday souvenirs. Most of the photos you can see in this post were taken by our friend Marlena. If you feel like having a professional photo shoot in the best Ibiza spots, we invite you to visit her profile on Instagram @marlena.kay.photography

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