Buggy adventure

When spending your vacation in Ibiza, it is definitely worth focusing on active recreation!

Beautiful views, beaches, cliffs and paths with lots of surprises are the perfect combination for those who like motor sports such as quads and buggies.

1. Buggies are perfect for doing a self-guided tour of the island

See the island at your own pace and have an adventure taking in the wonderful lookouts and points of interest along the way.)


2. Kids love them


Jumping in the buggy and being driven around the island is a special experience for your younger passengers. Are you spending your family vacation in Ibiza? Are you wondering what attractions will please your children? Off road rides on the beaches and cliffs are a lot of fun for the whole family.

3. They are easy to drive , park and manoeuvre around the island


There is no driver training required and authorised drivers over 21 with a current drivers license are able to drive them. In addition, the cars are small and you will have no problem finding a parking lot on a crowded beach or in the city center.


4. They attract attention


The appearance of the buggy itself draws the attention of everyone we pass along the route. In a buggy you can definitely feel the taste of a real safari! Driving a buggy is great fun and a pinch of adrenaline! The comfort of these vehicles makes both: ladies and children feel comfortable on the trip!


5. Perfect for Off Road


The most frequently asked question is where to go in the buggies. The answer is simple and satisfactory – EVERYWHERE. The advantage of a buggy is the ability to drive on roads (also on expressways) and on off-road paths and routes. Where you can’t get by car or scooter, you can get there by buggies.


What is a Buggy?

Buggy also known as UTV, SSV or Side By Side. Some say a buggy is something between a quad bike and a car. This is an accurate statement! The buggy is as comfortable as a light car and at the same time, thanks to its thick and large tires, it can handle off-road as well as a quad bike!
If you haven’t driven buggies yet, it’s definitely time to change that!

How fast can buggies go?

The average top speed of most standard dune buggies is around 70 km/h

Do I have to wear a helmet on a buggy?

No, it is not required to wear a helmet when driving buggies

What do I need to rent a buggy?

To rent a buggy in Ibiza you need to be at least 21 years old and have a driving license (you cannot drive a buggy with a provisional driving license, but you can be a passenger 🙂

What is the power of the buggy engine?

We offer two types of buggies. If you decide to go on a guided tour, you will have the opportunity to ride a large 625cc buggy. If you prefer to rent a buggy on your own, we will rent you a standard 250CC buggy.


Big Buggy Tours


On our site you can rent a buggy and explore the island on your own, or take one of our Big Buggy tours.

There is a briefing before each trip. During the entire trip, you will be under the supervision of an experienced guide who will drive his own buggy.

Our routes run from Playa den Bossa through typical off-road areas where buggies and their drivers have the opportunity to prove themselves! There will be some descents, climbs and surprising elements that make this trip a real adventure! During the buggy trip, there are also places that are perfect for a short break and photos – we will stop at the cliffs and beaches. You will feel the wind in your hair and have fun.

If you’ve never tried, you finally have the opportunity! A buggy trip is a ready idea for a beautiful adventure in Ibiza for everyone!