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You’re going on a vacation in Ibiza. What’s your plan? Fun until dawn in the best known clubs in the world, sunbathing and relaxing on the beautiful Ibiza beaches? Or maybe you will take advantage of water sports? Ibiza is a paradise island of the Balearics. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea what gives us a great variety of water sports to take up. High temperature and warm turquoise sea water lure to spend an active time doing auatics. We present you with our Top 10 water sports in Ibiza. Most of the activities take place in the bay of the port town of San Antonio, where the water is calmer than, for example, Playa den Bossa.



Jet-ski is the most popular water sport in Ibiza. Renting jet skis or taking part in organized jet ski tours sounds like a good plan for a hot summer afternoon. Do you like adrenaline rush, fast driving and water? You’re in the right place then. Two people can ride on one jetski so it’s a perfect sport for couples or a group of friends. You don’t need any license or patents to steer the water scooter. The scooter rides take place in a designated area at sea, near the beach where no one will bother you. Here you can go wild, try turns and check the scooter’s speed.



A calm and entertaining sport for the whole family. Active rest and direct contact with nature will allow you to wind down and will certainly boost the endorphins’ level in your body. Sup board or stand up paddle board is about rowing in a standing position. It isn’t really difficult to do it, cause it’s based mainly on keeping the right balance. Plus, it provides great body workout and great fun. Everyday, a three-hour water sports tour is organized from San Antonio’s port. The ship stops in the most beautiful corners of the west coast of Ibiza where you will have the opportunity to try the SUP board and other water activities.



Snorkeling in Ibiza is a great opportunity to explore the submarine world and make outstanding holiday photos. It will make you believe in your own strength, overcome fears and gain a sense of independence and freedom. We warmly encourage you to try this water sport during your vacation in Ibiza. Our diving instructors can glory in long-time experience and large amounts of empathy and patience for novice divers. There are many wonderful places and nooks on the island that will certainly take you breath away. Near the town of San Antonio is Punta Galera. It’s a rock formation made of shelves and numerous underwater caves. The instructors will carry on an instructional course and they will assist you during the trip to the underwater world of Ibiza.



Canoeing on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea is a very entertaining activity. It’s another water sport that you can try during a three-hour boat trip along the west coast beaches. During the stop you’ll have the opportunity to use the Sup boards, snorkeling or kayaks. Canoes will be a great pick for those who wants to spend time actively. This sport doesn’t require any great skills and there’s no age limit, so it’s a great entertainment not only for adults but for children as well. There are single and double canoes to choose from. In addition, the price includes drinks and fruit.



Parasailing is a parachute flight that is hauled behind a motorboat. A saddle attached to the parachute canopy provides us with a comfortable position during the flight. It’s a safe and beautiful sport. The flight takes place at the bay of San Antonio at an altitude of about 100 m. It gives us the opportunity to admirethe breathtaking landscapes from a bird’s-eye view. Time spent in the air is about 10-15 minutes. Two, three and even four people can fly together in one saddle. Landing and take-off take place from the motorboat deck. Parachute flight will certainly give you a guarantee of great fun. What’s more, amazing memories and beautiful views will remain in your memory for a long time. It will definitely diverisfy your holiday in Ibiza.



Flyboard is a sport that will surely provide you with adrenaline rush during your vacation in Ibiza. What’s FlyBoard? Descriptively, it can be said it is flying on a board above the surface of the water. The devicecalled FlyBoard is powered by water jets, thanks to which you can float up, dip and then fly into the air, even for a few meters. Flying on FlyBoard doesn’t require much strength or skill. Even for the first time round, most people don’t have any problems to fly into the air and floats over the water. The only thing you need to remember is to hold your knees straight and keep the right balance. The FlyBoard board is connected to a motorboat or a water scooter with a pipe.



Rides on bananas, mattresses, swim rings and many others are the favorite attraction of children and those who love water. Inflatable toys are hauled behind a motorboat. Each passenger gets a life jacket. For those who like tippers, ringo and various types of mattresses will be the best choice. If you prefer to stay on the surface of the water, we encourage you to use double bananas, which are very stable and don’t fall over. Everyone will certainly find something suitable for them. The ride takes about 10 minutes.



SeaBob is a device thanks to which we can move underwater at a speed of 15 km / h. This machine will give us an amazing experience during submarine trips. SeaBob is powered by an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. On the sides of the vehicle there are handles that will make steering easier for you. At the front, there is a display that shows us the temperature of the water and the depth at which we stay at the moment. SeaBob is a luxury water toy and its rental doesn’t belong to the cheapest, but it will surely provide you with unforgettable experiences.



Wakeboard in summer, snowboard in winter. If you like skateboarding you must try wakeboarding during your vacation in Ibiza. It’s a great fun to slide across the surface of the water right behind the fast motorboat. Thanks to the high speed, you can make various tricks or simply glide on the water. Morning and evening hours are the best ones to practice this sport, because then the surface of the water is the calmest and there are no large waves that would handicap the ride. More information about wakeboard lessons will be soon available on our website.



Jet Boat boat 360° is called a sea roller coaster. Riding on this boat gives you outstanding sensations you’ve never experienced before. This boat has been designed especially for riding on waves, making 180°-360° spins, accelerating and making sharp turns. An hour-long ride will give you a big boost of energy and power for the whole day. The original, the fastest, the craziest, one of a kind stunt boat. 500 HP, don’t accept any imitations. If you are looking for a great experience during your Ibiza vacation, try the Jet Boat Ride.


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