07 elrow ibiza toys - The craziest Ibiza's party - El Row Amnesia

El Row Amnesia. Ibiza- an island in general mostly related to clubbing, in fact it’s really is a wild party land with the vibes you won’t encounter anywhere else in the world. It’s a must do experience. When I first came to Ibiza I was terrified by genuine freedom seen all around so that I just wanted to escape from here. Many weird people on the streets, dressed with no common sense or more like it as if undressed, hence many homosexual and transsexual individuals and nobody hides their real nature as they feel free to be the way they want to be. It took me a while to understand that just right here you can be yourself without and not judged.

elrow ibiza toys - The craziest Ibiza's party - El Row Amnesia

One of the craziest party is El Row. Held every Saturday night Amnesia night club takes you to the world full of colours and fiction. This fiesta relates to something daringly wild sometimes insane in a good way. In the rhythm of electronic music bits you get to deal with inflammable gadgets falling down the ceiling or rain of confetti poured down the crowd. Very likely you can spot acrobats walking on stilts funny outfitted and some others doing stunts and poses hanging from the ceiling. On the stage dances over sized duck and a fireman with waving penis (curiosity made me come closer as to make sure it wasn’t real one). On top of that at around 5am on the peak time fall down different form and shape inflammable toys. I was into the big white unicorn but luckily I just managed to catch a crocodile.

img 3009 1 - The craziest Ibiza's party - El Row Amnesia

The story of El Row dates back to 2012, where first parties were held in the biggest Ibiza’s night club- Privilege, also known as one of the biggest club in the world with capacity of 10k. After 2 years El Row was moved to the other club called Space and due to its shut down was recently moved further to Amnesia from this year onwards.

Every Saturday night from 3rd of June to the 30th of September 2017 you can witness a party where theatre, music, colour and happiness combined together most likely can’t be found nowhere else but there. Every week the party is differently themed. I have been at one 10th of June the 60’s music. A week earlier was held ‘The summer of love, and the 16th of September El Row takes you to the underwater world of mysterious Bermuda’s triangle- ‘El triangulo de las rowmudas’. Surely be ready to get surprised by something different on the weekly basis. Myself, when I’ll be back to Ibiza can promise I won’t miss it out even though just to haunt down on that white unicorn :).

el row toys 1 - The craziest Ibiza's party - El Row Amnesia

Tickets at their best price are found in the ticket kiosks located all around the island as buying them on the door right before the party might be overpriced. I bought the few days earlier at Ticket Market Ibiza in San Antonio Bay at the price of 55 euros. Exact kiosk location: C/cala de Bou 28 (opposite to Bunacero bar)

img 2722 - The craziest Ibiza's party - El Row Amnesia

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