Have you ever heard about the most mysterious islands of the Balearic archipelago that are located near Ibiza? Es Vedrá and her younger sister Es Vedranell attract crowds of tourists all year long because there are many legends about them. It is not without reason that the islands have gained such popularity…


One thing is sure, Es Vedra is a place, where extraordinary physical phenomena occur. One of such anomalies is the fact that the magnetic compass in this place is  useless to us (like cell phones or electrical devices). According to the researchers, this is due to the high content of iron that is on the island and makes the magnetic needle stop working properly. It is the third place on Earth that emits such a strong magnetic field! Probably, being near the island you can feel a strange energy that will improve our well-being. I have been here many times and just looking at this beautiful island immediately improves the mood, and the lack of coverage in the phone allows for total relaxation 😉

ES VEDRA is located southwest of Ibiza – 2.5 kilometers from the beautiful tiny beach CALA D’HORT, from which we can admire the island in all its glory. It counts 385 meters high and 60 hectares area. Next to it, the smaller island ES VEDRANELL is located and it measures 128 meters. Nowadays, it’s mailny inhabited by wild goats, blue lizards and very rare species of coral gulls. You can not enter it, but you can admire it from Ibiza, take a boat trip or go on a jet ski ride. It is on the jet ski that you can get closer to this magical island, which is not as small as it seems in close-up…


Together with a group of friends, we bought a trip to Es Vedra on the Ticket Market Ibiza website. The cost of one water scooter is 180 euros, that is 90 per person (no license is required). On one scooter rode our guide and we were just behind him. We took off from Punta Xinxo beach in San Antonio Bay. En route, we visited the west coast – beautiful beaches such as: Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella, as well as cliffs and villas of the famous and rich. When we reached Es Vedra we had time for snorkeling, and the guide told us many interesting stories and titbits during the trip. The whole trip takes about an hour and is worth the price! The mysterious islands delighted my friends who saw them for the first time that in the evening we went to Cala D’hort to admire the sunset. After hearing the stories, without coverage on the phones, we felt this mysterious atmosphere and got in a wonderful mood looking at this beautiful view.



margarita ibiza jet ski excursion 1 - Jet ski tour - Es Vedra

In this tour you will visit Isla Margarita. This island is located on the west coast of Ibiza and looks more and more impressive as we approach it.

Duration: 1h

Price: 180€ per jet ski (on one jet ski can go two persons)

No driving licence required.

Days: Everydays



This is an island full of rumours, legends and mythology. It has been an inspiration for many artists. We will visit it and tell you all about this special island.

Duration: 1h

Price: 180€ per jet ski (on one jet ski can go two persons)

No driving licence required

Days: Everydays


atlantis jet ski excursion 1 - Jet ski tour - Es Vedra

With some unique characteristics due to the rock extraction for the Dalt Vila wall, this secret location was chosen by the hippies for cult and rest.  The white sand and the crystal water offer us a beautiful blue colour.

Duration: 1,5h

Price: 250€ per jet ski (on one jet ski can go two persons)

No driving licence required

Days: Everydays


cala yondal ibiza jet ski 1 - Jet ski tour - Es Vedra

This beautiful beach, surrounded by trees and riffs, is right now one of the top popular beaches in Ibiza.  There is a good selection of restaurants which are appreciated by the most rich and famous people as well as by tourists and locals.

Duration: 2h

Price: 300€ per jet ski (on one jet ski can go two persons)

No driving licence required

Days: Everydays


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