Small boat rental on Ibiza without license

Eivissa- is lucky island! Undoubtedly this is the one of the places in the world you will always come back to. Ibiza makes people feel at home, even though you know the island very well it always gets you surprised by something unexpectable or new.Come to island to feel Ibiza’s charm again, visit famous club, spend some time with friends, deep in the crystal clear water but first of all to charge energy with positivity spreaded all around. Back in the days the island was mainly inhabited by fame of real hippies living their peace and love which remained until nowadays, and so party like “Flower Power” in Pacha takes you back in time every week by its special atmosphere. Unique parties in Ibiza are held on daily basis and needless to say after passionately danced night out everybody needs a bit of relax which many of beautiful beaches have got to offer. For those who appreciate more privacy and time away on their own, private chart boats are available at hand following my very example with some friends.


You can find it helpful looking for small charts online called Boat Rental Ibiza, reserved up to max. 5 persons as to make it clear non of the boat licenses are required as opposed to being an adult. The boat bay is located in San Antonio Bay at Pinet Playa. Communication links are simple. Every quarter a bus departures from Ibiza town to San Antonio and from there to Pinet playa it is just a throw of a stone for only 2,50€ one way. On the spot, Ticket Market has got its kiosk where you can simply book your Lazy Boat trip ( boats 15hp). San Antonio is located on the west side so it was new but amazing experience to be able to see breath taking views from the the sea point of view. West part of an island is mostly known for its stunning beaches and majestic sunsets as admitted by hundreds of tourist daily. You can rented a boat for 4 hours for 189€ which already covered the petrol, life jackets and the insurance for the time being.

Our beautiful day on lazy boat

With snacks and soft drinks pre bought we started our trip where at hand you can find small fridge, comfortable outside mattress ideal for sun bathing. It has been really precious day. We had gone to Punta Galera, where we docked. It is one of the breath taking must see spots on the island. Unbelievably cute bay surrounded by rock shelves and cliffs where underneath the Mediterranean the crystal clear water finds its best look. Better be equipped with snorkelling kit and bit of shame left behind as Punta Galera attracts naturism which is regular thing to see around. At the end of the trip we stopped by Cafe del Mar in San Antonio as to see the beautiful sunsets as the day was coming to an end. That magic spot brings crowds and the very moment is applauded when sun disappears from horizontal line. Genuinely can recommend that chart for a couples as a romantic trip. That is how ended one of my days on the magical island.





02 DO FILMIKU - Ibiza Tours - TOP 10 the best trips in Ibiza


Facultative excursions are perfect opportunity for sightseeing during the holidays in Ibiza. A wide range of trips and diversified program are a great way to enjoy your vacation. Our offer includes coach trips, catamaran and boat cruises, as well as off-road trips. Everyone will find something suitable for them. We present to you our TOP 10 facultative excursions.



A catamaran cruise to the paradise island of Formentera is definitely the number one when it comes to facultative excursions. You can spend a great day at the shores of the paradise island. Playa de Ses Illetes is the most beautiful beach in Europe. For years, it has been ranked first in the Trip Advisor’s ranking. The catamaran is moored exactly at the shores of this celestial beach. You will have an opportunity to swim or dive in the crystal-clear waters of Formantera. The price includes drinks and a barbecue prepared by the crew on the board. Catamaran sets off from the horbour in the island’s capital city.



It’s not without reason that Formentera takes the first two places in our ranking of facultative trips. Make sure you planned one day of holidays in Ibiza to visit its neighboring island. For those who like sightseeing, we recommend a bus tour around the island. It’s very convenient because the bus picks up the passengers from the hotel and what is more, is air-conditioned. This is really benign, especially during the August heat. During the trip you will visit viewpoints, cliffs, capital of the island, and you will also have free time on the beach.



Cobbled streets, laundry hanging on balconies, charming cafes with Spanish music and beautiful flower garlands- that is the old town of Ibiza. Fall in love with Dalt Vila during an evening walk. After a hot summer day, it will be sheer pleasure to stroll around the castle square and viewpoints. You will be able to go down the narrow streets to the harbour, which streches at the foot of the old town. Dan Vila is located on a hill. A coach that picks up passengers will take you to the very top of the city. After the stroll you will have free time in Marina. You can spend it doing shopping, drinking refreshing Mojito and taking photos of luxurious yachts moored in the port.



Cafe Mambo is famous for fabulous sunsets and famous DJs. Every day, thousands of people come here to listen to electronic music and watch the sunset. Right next to you there is also as well known Cafe del Mar. Many ships, catamarans and motorboats charge their anchors in front of Cafe Mambo to feel the  magic of this place. I assure you that while dancing on the ship’s board with beer, wine or mojito in your hands you will feel the holiday atmosphere. You will surely remember this moment for a long time.



A three-hour trip alongside the beaches with an open bar, including beer, wine, sangria and fruit without any limitations. The ship sails to the nearby beaches of San Antonio: Cala Gracio, Cala Salada and Cala Bassa. A great attraction of this trip is the possibility of using water sports. It’s great fun for families with children, as well as for couples and a group of friends. There is the possibility of using SUP paddle boards, kayaks and snorkeling. All equipment is on the board. The ship is wooden and designed in a chill out style with large comfortable beds, created for lazing and sunbathing.



Ibiza in a nutshell, or a tour bus around the island. It’s a guided tour, something for those who like sightseeing. During the trip, you will see the Nancy Park Salinas and the beautiful wide beaches of Salinas. You will have free time for morning coffee in the small town of San Jose, which is famous for its beautiful, ibizian architecture. You will stop at one of the famous Hippi Markets where you will have the opportunity to buy original souvenirs and gifts. It isn’t a stressful trip, in Spain the most important thing is  to relax, so you won’t need to hurry. There will also be time for lazing on the beach. In the north of the island, you will stop at the San Vicente beach.



For those who like adventures and some adrenaline rush, we can offer off-road trips. Three-hour trips with a monitor on the northern part of the island. You will have the opportunity to discover the second, less known face of the island. During the trip, you will stop at the high cliffs and the beautiful beach where you will have a chance to swim in the sea. We offer quad tours and buggy cars trip. Two people can ride on the one vehicle. Tours take place every morning and afternoon.



A perfect trip for those who love water sports and adrenaline. We offer 4 different trips, from half an hour to two hours. You will have an opportunity to visit the beaches, from Cala Tarida to Cala Yondal where there is a luxury beach club Blue Marlin. Two people can swim on one water scooter. No licenses or patents are required. This is a great way to get to know the island from the sea. Especially on hot summer afternoons.



Before mass tourism had developed in Ibiza, it was mainly inhabited by hippies. Back in the 1960s, the island was an untamed place unknown to tourists. These were Hippies who came to Ibiza a few years later (the ’70s) and gave the island colors and expressive character that we can feel even today. Although in the world, times of the Children of Flowers have passed away, in Ibiza the fashion for colorful clothes and the sense of freedom continues. Fairs and hippie festivals are regularly held. Every Wednesday and Saturday bus tours to Hippi Market are organized. The coach takes passengers from the hotel.


es vedra ibiza - Ibiza Tours - TOP 10 the best trips in Ibiza

Es Vedrà is shrouded in myths and legend, the most popular of which is that it is in fact the third most magnetic spot on earth. Standing at almost 400 metres high, this uninhabited rock island made of limestone is situated 2km off the west coast of Ibiza. Twice a week a catamaran sails out of the San Antonio harbour for a four – hour tour along the beaches. You will visit Cala Bassa, Cala Conta and Cala Tarida. The price includes all drinks (no limits open bar). During the trio you will enjoy sunset. Dj on the board and saxophone performence.

03 seabob ibiza water activities - Top 10 - best water sports in Ibiza


You’re going on a vacation in Ibiza. What’s your plan? Fun until dawn in the best known clubs in the world, sunbathing and relaxing on the beautiful Ibiza beaches? Or maybe you will take advantage of water sports? Ibiza is a paradise island of the Balearics. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea what gives us a great variety of water sports to take up. High temperature and warm turquoise sea water lure to spend an active time doing auatics. We present you with our Top 10 water sports in Ibiza. Most of the activities take place in the bay of the port town of San Antonio, where the water is calmer than, for example, Playa den Bossa.



Jet-ski is the most popular water sport in Ibiza. Renting jet skis or taking part in organized jet ski tours sounds like a good plan for a hot summer afternoon. Do you like adrenaline rush, fast driving and water? You’re in the right place then. Two people can ride on one jetski so it’s a perfect sport for couples or a group of friends. You don’t need any license or patents to steer the water scooter. The scooter rides take place in a designated area at sea, near the beach where no one will bother you. Here you can go wild, try turns and check the scooter’s speed.



A calm and entertaining sport for the whole family. Active rest and direct contact with nature will allow you to wind down and will certainly boost the endorphins’ level in your body. Sup board or stand up paddle board is about rowing in a standing position. It isn’t really difficult to do it, cause it’s based mainly on keeping the right balance. Plus, it provides great body workout and great fun. Everyday, a three-hour water sports tour is organized from San Antonio’s port. The ship stops in the most beautiful corners of the west coast of Ibiza where you will have the opportunity to try the SUP board and other water activities.



Snorkeling in Ibiza is a great opportunity to explore the submarine world and make outstanding holiday photos. It will make you believe in your own strength, overcome fears and gain a sense of independence and freedom. We warmly encourage you to try this water sport during your vacation in Ibiza. Our diving instructors can glory in long-time experience and large amounts of empathy and patience for novice divers. There are many wonderful places and nooks on the island that will certainly take you breath away. Near the town of San Antonio is Punta Galera. It’s a rock formation made of shelves and numerous underwater caves. The instructors will carry on an instructional course and they will assist you during the trip to the underwater world of Ibiza.



Canoeing on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea is a very entertaining activity. It’s another water sport that you can try during a three-hour boat trip along the west coast beaches. During the stop you’ll have the opportunity to use the Sup boards, snorkeling or kayaks. Canoes will be a great pick for those who wants to spend time actively. This sport doesn’t require any great skills and there’s no age limit, so it’s a great entertainment not only for adults but for children as well. There are single and double canoes to choose from. In addition, the price includes drinks and fruit.



Parasailing is a parachute flight that is hauled behind a motorboat. A saddle attached to the parachute canopy provides us with a comfortable position during the flight. It’s a safe and beautiful sport. The flight takes place at the bay of San Antonio at an altitude of about 100 m. It gives us the opportunity to admirethe breathtaking landscapes from a bird’s-eye view. Time spent in the air is about 10-15 minutes. Two, three and even four people can fly together in one saddle. Landing and take-off take place from the motorboat deck. Parachute flight will certainly give you a guarantee of great fun. What’s more, amazing memories and beautiful views will remain in your memory for a long time. It will definitely diverisfy your holiday in Ibiza.



Flyboard is a sport that will surely provide you with adrenaline rush during your vacation in Ibiza. What’s FlyBoard? Descriptively, it can be said it is flying on a board above the surface of the water. The devicecalled FlyBoard is powered by water jets, thanks to which you can float up, dip and then fly into the air, even for a few meters. Flying on FlyBoard doesn’t require much strength or skill. Even for the first time round, most people don’t have any problems to fly into the air and floats over the water. The only thing you need to remember is to hold your knees straight and keep the right balance. The FlyBoard board is connected to a motorboat or a water scooter with a pipe.



Rides on bananas, mattresses, swim rings and many others are the favorite attraction of children and those who love water. Inflatable toys are hauled behind a motorboat. Each passenger gets a life jacket. For those who like tippers, ringo and various types of mattresses will be the best choice. If you prefer to stay on the surface of the water, we encourage you to use double bananas, which are very stable and don’t fall over. Everyone will certainly find something suitable for them. The ride takes about 10 minutes.



SeaBob is a device thanks to which we can move underwater at a speed of 15 km / h. This machine will give us an amazing experience during submarine trips. SeaBob is powered by an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. On the sides of the vehicle there are handles that will make steering easier for you. At the front, there is a display that shows us the temperature of the water and the depth at which we stay at the moment. SeaBob is a luxury water toy and its rental doesn’t belong to the cheapest, but it will surely provide you with unforgettable experiences.



Wakeboard in summer, snowboard in winter. If you like skateboarding you must try wakeboarding during your vacation in Ibiza. It’s a great fun to slide across the surface of the water right behind the fast motorboat. Thanks to the high speed, you can make various tricks or simply glide on the water. Morning and evening hours are the best ones to practice this sport, because then the surface of the water is the calmest and there are no large waves that would handicap the ride. More information about wakeboard lessons will be soon available on our website.



Jet Boat boat 360° is called a sea roller coaster. Riding on this boat gives you outstanding sensations you’ve never experienced before. This boat has been designed especially for riding on waves, making 180°-360° spins, accelerating and making sharp turns. An hour-long ride will give you a big boost of energy and power for the whole day. The original, the fastest, the craziest, one of a kind stunt boat. 500 HP, don’t accept any imitations. If you are looking for a great experience during your Ibiza vacation, try the Jet Boat Ride.