Small boat rental on Ibiza without license

Eivissa- is lucky island! Undoubtedly this is the one of the places in the world you will always come back to. Ibiza makes people feel at home, even though you know the island very well it always gets you surprised by something unexpectable or new.Come to island to feel Ibiza’s charm again, visit famous club, spend some time with friends, deep in the crystal clear water but first of all to charge energy with positivity spreaded all around. Back in the days the island was mainly inhabited by fame of real hippies living their peace and love which remained until nowadays, and so party like “Flower Power” in Pacha takes you back in time every week by its special atmosphere. Unique parties in Ibiza are held on daily basis and needless to say after passionately danced night out everybody needs a bit of relax which many of beautiful beaches have got to offer. For those who appreciate more privacy and time away on their own, private chart boats are available at hand following my very example with some friends.


You can find it helpful looking for small charts online called Boat Rental Ibiza, reserved up to max. 5 persons as to make it clear non of the boat licenses are required as opposed to being an adult. The boat bay is located in San Antonio Bay at Pinet Playa. Communication links are simple. Every quarter a bus departures from Ibiza town to San Antonio and from there to Pinet playa it is just a throw of a stone for only 2,50€ one way. On the spot, Ticket Market has got its kiosk where you can simply book your Lazy Boat trip ( boats 15hp). San Antonio is located on the west side so it was new but amazing experience to be able to see breath taking views from the the sea point of view. West part of an island is mostly known for its stunning beaches and majestic sunsets as admitted by hundreds of tourist daily. You can rented a boat for 4 hours for 189€ which already covered the petrol, life jackets and the insurance for the time being.

Our beautiful day on lazy boat

With snacks and soft drinks pre bought we started our trip where at hand you can find small fridge, comfortable outside mattress ideal for sun bathing. It has been really precious day. We had gone to Punta Galera, where we docked. It is one of the breath taking must see spots on the island. Unbelievably cute bay surrounded by rock shelves and cliffs where underneath the Mediterranean the crystal clear water finds its best look. Better be equipped with snorkelling kit and bit of shame left behind as Punta Galera attracts naturism which is regular thing to see around. At the end of the trip we stopped by Cafe del Mar in San Antonio as to see the beautiful sunsets as the day was coming to an end. That magic spot brings crowds and the very moment is applauded when sun disappears from horizontal line. Genuinely can recommend that chart for a couples as a romantic trip. That is how ended one of my days on the magical island.





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Which beaches in Ibiza are the best?

Ibiza has many diverse beaches – from quiet and calm to crowded and party ones. In the northern part of Ibiza there are calm beaches, ideal for family holidays. Near the the capital of Ibiza and near San Antonio there are beach clubs that organize a great beach party.

Salinas beach, Playa den Bossa and Bora Bora

To feel the real vibes of Ibiza, it’s worth going to the most-known Playa den Bossa. Playa d’en Bossa is a long, sandy beach, there are frequent waves here. It is a built-up, tourist zone. We find here many beach clubs where music plays all day and night and party hotels, such as: Hard Rock hotel or Ushuaia. You can go to crazy BORA BORA, where there is no moderation, or participate in a party at the pool or if you want to chillout you should go to the more exclusive Nassau Beach. However, we won’t find crystal clear water here, unfortunately.

A few kilometers away there’s also a very popular Las Salinas beach, beloved by the rich and famous. There are several exclusive restaurants here, quite expensive but with good food. Salinas also has a short section where we can meet nudists. Being on Playa den Bossa or Salinas we will definitely find out about the most interesting events, because it’s here that the daily promotions of various events take place. Next to Salinas there are several separate tiny bays. If you need more privacy and peace, it’s worth taking a walk further. The water here is clean and definitely more transparent than on the Bossa beach, but it’s not the same as we can see on the west side of the island. It’s easy to get to Salinas, because there are buses from Ibiza and Playa den Bossa.

Beaches near to San Antonio Bay

The most beautiful and cleanest beaches are in the environs of San Antonio – my favorite is definitely Cala Comte. It’s a beautiful , but you have to go there much earlier in order to take the place, because in the afternoon it is very crowded. In the evening, as on all the western beaches, we can admire the beautiful sunset, but in my opinion, the best is from the small charming Cala d’Hort beach with a view of the magical Es Vedra island  Noteworthy is also Cala Bassa – the most popular among families with children because the water is rather  shallow, and you can stroll around neighbourhood. I was here with my son and we spent a great time together. A bit further you can jump to transparent water from a few meter bluff – adrenaline rush guaranteed.

The small beach of Cala Salada is also famous for cliff jumping from the bluffs, it is also an ideal place to rest in silence. For those who like more luxury and some music, I recommend going to Cala Jondal, there is the most beautiful beach club in Ibiza – Blue Marlin. You can rent a bed or sun loungers on the beach during the day, sunbathe and then stay at a party that lasts until midnight (admission free). Between Cala Jondal and the airport (in the south of the island) there is the Sa Caleta beach. Steep cliffs protect the bay from the wind and high waves, so it is also a perfect spot for families with children. What is more,  the view from the cliff to the beach is breathtaking.

Beaches near to Ibiza town

If you live in the small town of Ibiza and do not want to go far to the beaches, you can choose either Figuretas or Talamanca beach – these are city beaches near hotels, so they are not very beautiful, the water is not completely transparent. However, shops and restaurants are on site, and the sun shines the same everywhere. I spent the most time on Figuretas because I lived there.