Ibiza in one day? You definitely won’t be able to visit the whole island, but you can make the most of the time!
If you only had one day on the wonderful Ibiza island, you would want to start with an early breakfast in the port of Ibiza town (the island’s capital). Mornings are still pretty quiet here. The island slowly comes to life after a long night, which was certainly full of party for some people. Also, the island is beautiful in the morning, and the heat isn’t unbearable yet. After breakfast, you really should take a stroll through the old town of Dalt Vila among medieval charming tenement houses, and enjoy captivating views of the entire town. The old town is full of charming nooks, fairy-tale narrow cobbled streets, and squares. The old town of Dalt Vila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a leisurely walk, you can rent a car or a scooter to go straight to the west side of the island. Fans of beautiful views will be delighted with the island of Es Vedra and its smaller sister island Es Vedranell. Together, they create an unforgettable atmosphere full of magic. The emission of a strong magnetic field in this place causes…various strange phenomena. These include, among others, lack of mobile coverage, non-working compasses, and the sensation of energy, thanks to which you feel better! This is surely why there are many legends about these islands.


Lazy beach time is a must on Ibiza. But which beach to choose—Cala Comte or maybe Cala Bassa? Crystal clear waters, yellow sands, and a tan in a few hours—you will experience all of it on Ibiza beaches. The sun here tans really fast. An additional attraction at Cala Bassa is the Beach Club, where you can hear the most popular house songs from loudspeakers. They will surely put you in a party mood.

The next step is the evening walk around San Antonio. It’s the second-largest and most popular town on Ibiza. During the walk, you can buy tickets for a crazy night! San Antonio is a port town on the west side of the island. A long promenade with many restaurants and bars stretches along the sea. However, the most famous bars are Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar. It’s in Cafe Mambo that the most popular DJs in the world play. Being here, you have the impression that the whole island came to Cafe Mambo to view the sunset. Here you can catch a pre-party and enjoy a delicious drink before an unforgettable night.


Every day, there are many events scattered all around Ibiza. It’s worth putting the most popular clubs
on Ibiza on the must-do list. Some of them are the world-famous Amnesia (located halfway from San Antonio to Ibiza city) and Pacha (which is over 50 years old, but still with the times). You should also consider visiting Hi Ibiza, a new club established in the former place of the well-known Space club, where the DJ also plays in the toilet! Regardless of which place you choose, it will certainly be a real party time. You can also start the party in the open air—from 5 pm in Blue Marlin Ibiza or Ushuaia, located towards the south, where the most famous DJ in the world, David Guetta performs. It’s impossible to describe it—you have to experience it! At Ushuaia Hotel, each party ends around midnight, then you can just hop across the street to Hi Ibiza. Often, with a ticket from Ushuaia, you’ll have free admission to Hi Ibiza (before 1 am). This club is also one of the few clubs where you can go outside to find a secret garden.

The Pacha Club is an unforgettable party in various music genres, e.g. the Flower Power event, which is going back in time about 50 years (1960s and 1970s). From Hi Ibiza, you can reach Pacha by taxi (approx. €15). As you can see, you can visit up to 3 events in one night and experience different shows and emotions in each of them, but definitely a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.


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