What is worth seeing on Ibiza?


If you’re going on holiday to Ibiza, you’re most likely wondering what tourist attractions the island can offer you beyond the crazy nightlife. Ibiza, the Paradise Island of the Balearic Islands. Party goers from all over the world come here to rave it up in various clubs and on the beach until dawn. However, Ibiza isn’t only dance discos. The island offers a lot of attractions, also for people who are not the kings of the dance floors. What is worth seeing here, apart from the well-known clubs?


Ibiza is a city located in the southeast of the island. Eivissa Dalt Vila literally means “Upper City of Ibiza”, and refers to the oldest part of it. It’s a protected area, where you can find, among others, the historic 14th-century cathedral of Santa Maria towering over the entire city. From the top of the Dalt Vila mountain, there is a beautiful panorama of the whole city and the port, as well as the over thousand- year-old necropolis. Most of the Old Town has been added to the UNESCO list, mainly due to the unique buildings and the network of narrow cobbled streets. You can explore the old town on your own. You must take a camera with you. Also, check out our article about the best spots in the old town—Dalt Vila through the eyes of a photographer.


Formentera has kilometers of white sand and turquoise, clear water that resembles the Caribbean Islands or the Maldives. The most serene island of the Balearic archipelago also boasts unspoiled nature. Environmental protection is a priority here, so the appealing grounds are still unpolluted. You can get to Formentera by sea—the local port is only 11km from Ibiza, and ferries run regularly at any time of the day. The Ses Illetes beach is the second most beautiful beach in Europe according to the 2014 Trip Advisor ranking. There are also many other beaches in Formentera. You can read our guide to the most beautiful beaches of Formentera. The uninhabited islet of Esplamador, which is located right next to it, also deserves your attention. More details on excursions and cruises to Formentera and Espalmador can be found HERE.


Ses Salines National Park of Ibiza is another place worth visiting. Located in the island’s southern part (along with the nearby Formentera), it’s a rare gem filled with shimmering colorful salty lakes, pristine beaches, and unique species of plants and animals. In 1995, the Spanish government made it a nature reserve and UNESCO included it on its list. The Ses Salines National Park can be conveniently visited on tours around the island. In the park, you can also admire beautiful sunsets.


The island of Es Vedra is found a few hundred meters from the shores of Ibiza. The small island has been very popular for hundreds of years due to its amazing properties. This piece of land has the third-strongest magnetic field on Earth! Compasses, electrical appliances, and cell phones literally go nuts in the vicinity of Es Vedra. These mysterious properties caused the land to be called the Magic Island, and there are a lot of legends about it. The locals assert this is the tip of Atlantis—a sunken, mythical land. According to Nostradamus, it’s the only place on earth that will survive the end of the world. This enigmatic island can be seen from the Cala’Dhort beach and from the viewpoint next to the pirate tower. You should also read our article on the best spots to see Es Vedra. However, if you want to get closer to Es Vedra and feel its magic, take a boat trip to three islands or a boat trip around the island. For adrenaline lovers, we suggest a jet ski trip to Es Vedra.


Ibiza, which covers an area of 571 square kilometers, has more than 80 beaches, each of them offering sunbathing, water sports, and celebrity spotting. There are breathtaking beaches with beautiful sunsets like Cala Tarida, Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, or Cala Vadella. There is also Salinas beach located in the National Park and gorgeous beaches on the East Coast: Aguas Blanca, Cala Lena, Cala LLonga, and many more. To find out more about the diversity of Ibiza beaches, read the article about the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. The seaside can be easily reached by car, scooter or city buses. For lovers of sea jaunts, we offer a cruise on a glass-bottomed ship or a cruise on a motorboat.


A mandatory stop for tourists arriving at the island is watching the sunset at Cafe del Mar. Every day, thousands of people come or arrive at boat to watch lovely sunsets accompanied by chill-out music. Located in San Antonio, Cafe del Mar bar opened on June 20, 1980, and quickly evolved into a destination for tourists from all over the world seeking an oasis of peace and relaxation. Watching the sunset from the deck of the ship is an interesting and original idea. If you want to read more about Cafe del Mar, we encourage you to read our article “Everything about Cafe del Mar”.


At the hippie fair, you can find a collection of various outfits, handicrafts, jewellery ornaments, decorations, and many other products related to the hippie culture of the 21st century. Walking among the stalls (where you can meet real hippies) and the unique atmosphere will surely make everyone’s time pleasant. What is worth buying there? The hippie market is the perfect place to buy original gifts, souvenirs from the island, and regional products such as Hierbas de Ibiza (herbal liqueur) or sea salt mined directly on the island. Check out our trips to the hippie fairs.


While on Ibiza, it’s worth going to one of the restaurants serving specialities of Mediterranean cuisine. A popular Spanish dish is Paella, which is rice with seafood, meat, or fish. A typical dish of the Ibiza island is Bullit de peix—consisting of several types of fish and potatoes, topped with a delicious sauce. The list of Ibiza’s best Mediterranean restaurants includes: Can Balanzat in the port of San Miguel, Cas Mila on the Cala Tarida beach, S’Esparta restaurant, and many more. In our offer we have brunch on the boat tour where you can try typical dishes for the Ibizan cuisine.


At the foothills of the city of Dalt Vila, right on the seafront, there are the marine districts. Beautiful tenement houses with large shutters, narrow streets, and bustling squares create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. In the harbour, you can admire the moored luxury yachts. It’s here that discos promote their events. Numerous shows can be watched while sipping wine and eating Spanish tapas in one of the bars, restaurants, or cafés.


The foundations of the Old Town were built with boulders from a quarry located on the coast. Today, this place is called Atlantis and it’s partially drenched with water. The fantastic forms of boulders resemble a sunken city. It’s an ideal place to take photos. According to legend, mermaids can sometimes be seen off the shores of Atlantis. This mysterious place can be visited on jet skis. Check out the watercraft tours at Atlantis.

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