How to rent a boat without licence in Ibiza?

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Rent a boat without license on Ibiza is a wanderful idea. Eivissa- is lucky island! Undoubtedly this is the one of the places in the world you will always come back to. Ibiza makes people feel at home, even though you know the island very well it always gets you surprised by something unexpectable or new. Come to island to feel Ibiza’s charm again, visit famous club, spend some time with friends, deep in the crystal clear water but first of all to charge energy with positivity spreaded all around.

For those who appreciate more privacy and time away on their own, rent a boat without license is available at hand. Be a captain for your family or friends and take them on a cruise along the beaches of Ibiza. You may drive our boats without any license or experience. Just pay attention during checkin when we explain the handling, the basic rules and nice routes. Let us explain how it works.

Be your own captain 

What is the capacity of the boat without a licence ?

We offer boats of various capacities. Our largest boats can accommodate 6 people, and the smallest 4 people. If you are on vacation in a larger group, we recommend renting two boats.

Where can I pick up the boat?

Most of our boats are located in the port of San Antonio and on one of the beaches of San Antonio Bay. San Antonio is located on the West Coast. This part of the island presents the calmest waters of Ibiza because it is protected from the prevailing easterly winds.

What should I take with me on the boat?

All our boats are equipped with portable refrigerators. Be sure to bring ice, food and drink with you so that you can have a picnic on board. If you are a snorkelling fan,  take your snorkelling equipment. Don’t forget your towel and sunscreen.

What is the equipment of the boat?

• Each person on board is provided with a life jacket.

• There is a portable refrigerator available for storing drinks and food.

• To provide shelter from the sun, the boat is equipped with a bimini top or sunshade.

• Anchoring and mooring are made easy with an anchor and anchor line.

• The boat includes essential safety equipment like a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and distress signals.

• Enjoy entertainment with a basic sound system or Bluetooth connectivity.

• Navigational instruments, such as GPS, are provided to assist with navigation.

• Storage compartments are available for keeping personal belongings.

• Easy access to the water is provided with a swim ladder or platform.

• Relax and sunbathe on the solarium deck.

How fast are the boats?

Don’t expect a powerful or fast boat. The boats have a 15 HP engine and the average speed is 15 km/h  (depending on how many people are on the boat) You’ll be surprised what you can see in a 4 hours.

Can we lock the boat?

There is no lock on board. We recommend that you do not leave the boat alone.

Where I can go on a boat without a licence?

The West Coast has a lot to offer. Here you will find caves, coves and beautiful beaches. If you are a snorkelling fan, you must visit Punta Galera. There are many rock formations and underwater caves, as well as the underwater meadows of the poseidons. If you go west, you will reach Port des Torrent, Cala Basa and Cala Conta. If you choose north you will sail to Cala Gracio, Punta Galera, Cala Salada and Saladeta. Don’t forget the beautiful island of Conejera, which is also worth visiting.

Our beautiful day on boat without licence in Ibiza

With snacks and soft drinks pre bought we started our trip where at hand you can find small fridge, comfortable outside mattress ideal for sun bathing. It has been really precious day. We had gone to Punta Galera, where we docked. It is one of the breathtaking must-see spots on the island. Unbelievably cute bay surrounded by rock shelves and cliffs where underneath the Mediterranean the crystal clear water finds its best look. Better be equipped with snorkelling kit and a bit of shame left behind as Punta Galera attracts naturism which is a regular thing to see around. At the end of the trip, we stopped by Cafe del Mar in San Antonio as to see the beautiful sunsets as the day was coming to an end. That magic spot brings crowds and the very moment is applauded when sun disappears from horizontal line. Genuinely can recommend that chart for couples as a romantic trip. That is how ended one of my days on the magical island.

Check out our offer of license-free boats.

San Antonio center
fuel ⛽️ (extra charged)
4 / 8 hours
fully equipped
up to 6 people
deposit 400€
  • for 6 people
  • location: San Antonio harbour.
  • no licence needed
  • half day rental and full day rental
  • fully equipped (Cool Box, Solarium, bathing ladder and Canopy)
  • you can visit Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Saladeta, Punta Galera and more beaches
From: 250

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