All-Inclusive Boat Hire Packages

Ibiza’s New Era of Boat Rentals and Charters with All-Inclusive Packages

Ibiza is revolutionizing boat rentals and charters with new all-inclusive packages, offering tourists and locals a straightforward pricing structure. These comprehensive packages include boat hire, a captain, and fuel costs, ensuring no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

The new boat rental method aims to enhance customer convenience by providing clear, upfront information about the total cost. Clients can select popular destinations like the western coast of San Antonio or Formentera, with predetermined fuel costs based on their choice. This “convenient charter” approach guarantees a seamless, stress-free experience.

Popular Destinations for Boat Hire San Antonio Ibiza

Among the top destinations are the stunning beaches along San Antonio’s western coast, such as Calabassa, Cala Conta, and Cala Salada. Another favorite is the sunset cruise, ending at the famous Café Mambo. For a full-day adventure, a trip to Formentera is ideal, allowing visitors to explore and dine at beachside restaurants.

Flexible Ibiza Boat Charter Packages

Clients can choose from half-day charters (four hours) or full-day charters (eight hours), catering to various preferences and schedules. These attractive packages ensure a memorable experience for all.

Transparent and All-Inclusive Pricing

This new all-inclusive charter model represents a significant shift from the previous practice of quoting a base price plus VAT, captain fees, and uncertain fuel costs. By offering comprehensive packages with no hidden charges, Ibiza sets a new standard in boat rentals and charters, making it easier and more enjoyable for clients to plan their perfect day on the water.

Boat Rental San Antonio Ibiza – Information and Booking

For more information about the packages, prices, and destinations, please visit Boat Day Charter Ibiza.

If you dream of captaining a boat yourself and have a boating license, explore our offer of boats available for rent with a basic license. Additionally, you can rent boats without a license nearby, equipped with a 15-horsepower engine, allowing you to explore surrounding beaches on your own. These boats are fully equipped with a large sunbathing area, canopy for shade, bathing steps, snorkeling equipment, and a refrigerator. Bring your own food and drinks for a picnic on board.

Discover the best in boat hire and rental services with our all-inclusive packages, ensuring an unforgettable private boat tour in Ibiza.

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