Cala Benirras Beach Ibiza

Cala Benirras Beach Ibiza – hippy vibes 

If you want to experience the hippie vibe and the northern part of the island, head to the picturesque Benirras Beach. Here, you’ll find a wide sandy beach where hippies gather to drum during sunset, a local hippy market, restaurants serving delicious food, and a unique atmosphere and vibe.

Hippies playing drums at sunset

Benirras Beach, besides being beautifully situated and picturesque, has become famous for the gathering of hippies who play drums at sunset, creating a unique atmosphere. Many people come here specifically to listen to the music and dance. In the past, hippies only played on Sundays, but now this has changed, and they play practically every day except Sundays. This change is due to the large number of people who used to come here on Sundays, resulting in parking shortages.

Sunset in Benirras Beach Ibiza

Benirras Beach Ibiza is definitely one of the top spots to watch the sunset. In the summer, the sun dips into the sea, flooding the beach with a beautiful aura. It’s definitely worth visiting during those hours or staying after a day at the beach to witness the sunset.


Benirras Beach Market

In the summer, at the entrance to the beach, there’s a local hippie market with many stalls and stands where you can encounter real hippies, admire beautifully handcrafted items and clothing, buy yourself a hat, or simply stroll around and take in the sights. It’s one of the attractions of this place.


Infrastructure on Benirras Beach

On the beach, there are sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. The rental price for a sunbed is 7 euros (May 2024), and the same goes for umbrellas. Additionally, you can rent pedal boats and kayaks on the beach. The hourly rental price for a pedal boat is 20€ and for a kayak is 15€ There are toilets located at the entrance to the beach. It’s a guarded beach, there is a lifeguard on duty.

How to get to Benirras beach?

You can reach the beach by car. There are two parking lots at the entrance to the beach, and parking is free. We don’t recommend driving on Sundays because it’s very difficult to find parking space then. Additionally, you can reach the beach by buggy (buggy rental), quad bike (quad rental), or scooter. This would be the best form of transport as there won’t be any parking issues.

Restaurants on Benirras Beach

On Benirras Beach, there are four restaurants. On the right side, you’ll find the famous beach club Element with a local clothing shop. Next to it is Restuarante 2000, offering Catalan cuisine, and That Pizza Place, a pizzeria. In the middle of the beach, you’ll find a restaurant called Roca y Mar.


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