jet-boat 360-water toys

Jet Boat is the fastest and craziest ride in Ibiza. Get ready for an adrenaline rush during your holiday. Our experienced captain, who has nerves of steel, will take you for one hour long ride on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Jet Boat is a real roller coster on the water. Designed in order to raise our blood pressure. It’s a motor boat with 500 horsepower drive. During the ride, you will experience sharp braking, sudden 180 degree turns and full 360 degrees rotation. Of course, no one will come out of this boat dry. Prepare yourself for fast riding and jumping on the waves. It’s not without reason that Jet Boat is called a stunt boat. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experiences during your Ibiza vacation, be sure to take advantage of this attraction. During one ride there can swim 12 people all together. Everyone will be provided with lifejackets. Don’t be afraid, there’s no possibility of falling out of the boat. Passengers are fastened in special seats, just like in the rollercoaster. We encourage you to watch the video attached below.

Jet Boat Ibiza – age limitations

The only limitation is height, not age. If your child measures at least 140cm or more, he can easily take advantage of our Jet Boat ride. It is because of the seat fastening, which guarantee safety and comfort of ride for our small passengers. After making the reservation, we will send the exact meeting spot with the location on Google Map . Take care and get ready for the ride of your life!


  • Children taller than 140 cm/ 4,6 ft 
  • Please come with 15 minutes in advance for do the activity.
  • We reserve the right to change the time or the itineraries in the case of unforeseen events (for example adverse weather condition) In this case we will infor you by mail or by phone.


  • Duration: 1hour
  • Days: Everydays
  • Location: Port of San Antonio, opposite the egg roundabout – Jet Boat hut. Check on Google Map.


  •  Adult: 50
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