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What’s FlyBoard?

It’s a quite new discipline in the water sports’ world. In a very short period it won over hearts of water activities sympathizers. FlyBoard is also called flying on a board. The board is powered by water jets, thanks to which you can float above the water. At FlyBoard one can dive under the water like a dolphin or fly up a few meters. The board is powered by a water scooter or a specially adapted boat. Our main drive is stream of water attached to our legs. You can feel like Iron Man.

Is flying on FlyBoard safe?

It’s absolutely safe sport that will give you a considerable dose of adrenaline rush. The equipment is made of the best quality meterials. FlyBoard boards we use have all safety certificates. Besides, you always swim in a lifejacket that will float you on the surface. The Flyboard board also floats on the surface of the water. All of our instructors are qualified and have appropriate patents and courses. Flyboard is very intuitive: it’s just like learning how to ride a bike, water skii or do any other activity requiring a little balance. You need about 5 to 20 minutes to learn the basics. Our personal instructors will teach you and explain all the tricks and details needed for FlyBoarding.

Is FlyBoarding difficult?

The whole thing of flying on board lies in balance. Before you fly, our instructor will teach you how to swim on FlyBoard. With a small stream of water, you will be able to swim on the surface of the water and feel like a fish. In this way, you’ll get used to the drive, which is attached to the board. The next step is to put the board under yourself. It isn’t as easy as it seems to be, because the board floats and runs away. However, in a short time you will master this ability. The most important matter is keeping straight knees during the flight and maintaining balance. At the beginning, the instructor will lift you to a small height so that you can catch the balance. When you feel confident and at ease you will be able to fly at a height of several meters.


The best spot in Ibiza for practicing Flyboard

The best place on the island for practicing water sports is the bay of a small town of San Antonio. It’s a suitable place due to its natural structure. There are no large waves in the bay, which would make practicing water sports difficult.

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